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Procurement as a Service 

Digital, agile, collaborative, plug-and-play services. 

  • Procurement strategy and governance, including IT procurement 

  • Staffing assessments 

  • Policy and process assessment and design 

  • Procurement technology assessments

  • Spend analysis

  • Category segmentation strategy 

  • Strategic sourcing 

  • Supplier Management

  • Category management assessment and design

  • Contract management and compliance

  • Training 

  • Reporting, KPIs and other customer service driving metrics

  • Procurement and Contracting Templates (Commodities, Services, Information Technology)

  • Project management or development of solicitation (RFI, RFQ, RFP, etc.) 

  • Contract drafting and document review

Navigating Government


How to navigate the government procurement and contracting process.  

  • Training - how to navigate the government procurement process and how to write a winning proposal

  • Consulting on how to draft a winning proposal or request for information, including project management, review and drafting 

  • Proposal walkthroughs, oral presentations and demo advisor services 

  • Facilitating proposal debriefs and protests for non-winning bidders challenging evaluation of a proposal, alleged defects, proposal rejections, or award of contract or grant. 

  • Pre and post award advising and sales team training

  • Negative performance assessments 

  • Protest of contract terminations 

Freedom of Information Act 

Access to public information

  • Facilitate open records, public records, FOIA requests to public schools, universities, colleges, local units of government and state departments and agencies

  • Examples include contracts, proposals, award recommendations, evaluation documents 

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